PROMO Series Mobile Crushing Plants

Think of a situation where you have a modular, re-locatable plant that can be assembled in days and ready to crush like a fixed plant- That's the concept of Mobile Crushing Plant.

  • Greatly reduces transporting and re-transporting cost from source site (input) to product site (output - after material has been crushed)
  • Efficiencies of cost from reduced man hours and therefore labour.
  • Reduction in conveyor lengths by convenient placement of mobile units.
  • Convenience of maintenance.
  • Flexibility of use.
  • Modular design.
  • Mobility in all forms of crushers – whether Jaw, Cone or Vertical Shaft Impact Crushing.
  • Integrative nature of machinery allows for any combinations to be used flexibly and speedily.
  • Reduced freight.
  • Convenience in road transit from turn axle of traction.
  • Easier setting up of the unit on support legs is possible.
  • Relocation of machine to another site made very easy