Vertical Shaft GRINDER (VSG)

The industrial minerals industry presents the most demanding crushing and grinding duty for reduction machinery. There are many reasons for this but generally, the applications are severe because of hardness, uniformity and abrasiveness of the materials being processed. Many of these materials are man-made such as refractory's, insulation products, industrial coatings and a wide range of compounds developed for unique service in industry.

For this service, PROMAN REMco have developed a series of Vertical Shaft Grinders.

VSG operating benefits:
  • Unique differential grinding method purges contaminants.
  • Wide power range for individual production requirements.
  • Will produce fine material to all specifications.
  • Produces pulverized product for minimal cost per ton.
  • Low service and maintenance requirements.
  • Convertible crushing chamber insert options.
  • Material-on-Material grinding does not add metal to finished product.
  • Smooth vibration-free operation.
  • Low noise emission when running at full capacity.
VSI - Model Drive Motor (HP) Capacity (TPH) Lubrication Type
VSG-320 75-200 50-180 Oil
VSG-1530 200-350 110-240 Oil
*PROMAN strives for continuous development; all data are subjected to change with prior notice