Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI)

PROMAN manufactures “Vertical Shaft Impact” Crushers of M/s. REMco of USA. (M/s. Rock Engineered Machinery Co.) M/s. REMco is a leader in reduction technology and know-how. VSI crushers are autogenous rock on rock type used for the reduction and shaping of hard abrasive rocks and ores, and also Rock on Anvil VSI machines for limestone and less abrasive materials.

We offer a complete range of REMco VSI Crushers from 50 HP to 1500HP (20 TPH to 1500 TPH) in the following categories

  • SANDMAX Models - for production of quality crushed stone sand as per IS Specification.
  • ROCKMAX models - for production of quality-crushed aggregates as per MOST specification with minimum of micro fines.
  • ST/AR Models - for Crushing of Limestone and mildly abrasive ores & minerals.

REMCO impact crushers are designed for crushing the widest range of rocks, ores and minerals into fine cubical products. REMCO crushers with their unique high performance multi-port rotor designs, variable density chambers, and the widest operating speed range have expanded the application capabilities of VSI crusher. REMCO has advanced VSI crushing technology for rock-on rock reduction by performing thousands of crushing tests in its testing facility. This has resulted in a unique application accuracy by adjusting the design variables to suit the user's specific requirements. This guarantees the right crusher for the job, eliminating guessing and user disappointment.


To reduce the wear cost of an anvil chamber machine, REMco offers design which replaces the shoe table with a closed rock-lined rotor. The feature allows application of anvil-type chambers for the crushing of rocks having a medium abrasion characteristics. When closed rotor is used with an anvil chamber, the total wear cost of parts may be reduced by as much as two-thirds depending on desired reduction, feed size & crusher series


REMCO has continued to lower the wear parts cost per net finished ton of product. Fully autogenous (rock-on rock) designs provide the lowest product cost per ton. This is especially true when the desired product size is below 3/8" (10 mm). Even in the hardest, siliceous rocks and ores, REMCO VSI crusher are the most affordable fine crushing units. REMCO machines will make products that cannot be made by cone crusher, hammer mills or other crushers at an affordable cost. REMCO rock-on-rock VSI crusher can routinely be operated in closed circuits to produce a product of minus 1 mm or less.

VSI - Model Drive Motor (HP) Capacity (TPH) Lubrication Type
VSI-100 (S) 100 75 Grease
VSI-200 (S) 200 150 Grease
VSI-300 (S) 300 240 Grease
VSI-1530 (S) 300 240 Oil
VSI-4060 (DD) 400-600 350-450 Oil
VSI-5080 (DD) 500-800 450-650 Oil
VSI-9150 (DD) 800-1500 650-1000 Oil
*PROMAN strives for continuous development; all data are subjected to change with prior notice