ORTNER Description

    We manufacture ORTNER range of Fines removal and washing equipment in technical collaboration with M/s AEI, USA (M/s Aggregates Equipment Inc). The ORTNER is a product designed to dewater and remove fines, simultaneously classifying and rinsing sand and other fine material. We would like to highlight the advantages of ORTNER washing machine as under:

  1. Power required is very less
  2. Very low maintenance and operating costs
  3. Better control over sand washing operation
  4. High efficiency
  5. Can remove fines and other excess material up to 200 mesh
  6. Water requirement is very less hence reduced settling ponds and recovery costs.
  7. Light weight and portable.

The ORTNER is a product designed to dewater and remove fines, simultaneously classifying and rinsing sand and other fine materials. The unique feature of the ORTNER is that it uses less water compared to other dewatering and classifying machinery as a result lower power consumption and thereby efficiencies of cost that are unmatched in the industry.

Upon being fed a wet slurry from a density separator or a hydrocyclone, the ORTNER may be used to dewater the product, remove the excess fines or even classify the slurry. Aggregates of upto 50mm can be handled for dedusting, washing or rinsing with an ORTNER.

How ORTNER functions

Input is fed into a revolving pan on an incline and vibrated at a high speed. The input material separates as a result of the high vibration, into material of varying sizes. Fines and water rise to the surface and flow over to the pan’s edge to the discharge. The coarser particles precipitate to the bottom. The rotating pan carries the settled particles up the machine and out of the water, where a stationary plough diverts the dewatered material to a center discharge spout.

The dewatered material is conveyed to the top of the pan where it is discharged from the ORTNER by a stationary plough at a central discharge point. A layer of material always remains in the pan since the base of the plough is positioned above the pan bottom, thereby preventing wear.

The driving and vibrating mechanism and all other moving components are mounted under the pan, thereby preventing contamination with the water and processed material. This improves the life of the components.

The ORTNER is designed such that the angle, speed and vibrations of the pan can be easily changed according to the need. This function improves the flexibility of the ORTNER and improves its capacity and efficiency.

Advantages of the ORTNER Design

Drier product: High efficiency of the ORTNER ensures that the product is drier, for ease of stockpiling and conveying.

Economical use of power: The ORTNER uses up merely one-fifth the power used by conventional dewatering machines, ie, 2-15 HP (horsepower) depending on the model.

Unmatched capacity: The ORTNER is flexible and has unmatched performance capabilities.

Less water: Most dewatering machines use a large quantity of water to rinse and remove excess fines, not the ORTNER. Due to its design and angle of elevation, the ORTNER is able to process more product with less than one-third the normal consumption of water.

Low maintenance:Wear and maintenance costs are very low and in fact negligible

Compact and lightweight: Unlike many machines, the ORTNER is neither heavy nor unwieldy. It is in fact, very easily portable and has simple installation instructions. It is also available as a mobile option.

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